We are wild natured.

We reward you for regenerating nature

Creating high value, high integrity nature regeneration projects for landowners; Connecting them to businesses, investors and developers; Giving nature an opportunity to get re-wild.


Nature is fundamental to all aspects of life on earth, from the successful business to a healthy person and planet.

Wild Natured’s ecosystem regeneration mission is to make business and nature thrive together, for the long term. Using innovative ecological and commercial approaches we translate natural capital into financial capital.


How we have impact

Using innovative ecological and commercial approaches we translate natural capital into financial capital.  We do this in three ways

We design standards compliant, ecologically sound nature restoration projects to generate revenues from Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), Carbon, Nutrient Neutrality (NN) and corporate partnerships

We create bespoke strategies to achieve planning consent through the purchase of off-site mitigation credits in BNG, NN

We enable you to accelerate your ESG and sustainability goals through access to high quality nature restoration projects. Craft your own project or participate in an existing one which aligns to your company values and mission


Who we’re
getting wild with

HSPG are an impact driven investment and property development company. Wild natured are supporting them to develop a natural capital investment strategy and establishing habitat banks across the UK

Buckley and Son operate a milk processing plant and arable farm. Wild Natured are establishing a Biodiversity Net Gain habitat bank in line with the Natural England 4.0 metric

Wild Natured are working with a global corporate to develop a nature positive strategy which supports the business overall ESG goals
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Dave Caygill

Our Team

Meet our team

The founding team of Wild Natured blend decades of experience developing large scale renewable projects and delivering sustainability for global corporates.  Project teams always include specialist ecologists and habitat creation experts to ensure the best outcomes for nature.  Together this combination enables us to create commercially and ecologically valuable outcomes for our clients and mother nature. 

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Wild Times

What does nature positive mean for business?

Sometimes we take incredibly important things for granted. If we’ve always had something, how can we really deeply appreciate its value?

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